shane just looked at ian and said “you aren’t gay, right? at least i hope you aren’t”

it’s official 

shane is a homophobe

big jeff 2.0

  • Danielle: I'm homophobic.
  • Shane: You are?
  • Danielle: I was.
  • Shane: I was too, with guys.
  • Danielle: Not with guys, with girls, yeah.
  • Shane: Like if they hit on me.

  • Danielle: If it was something like, "who would you most likely cheat off of on a test, me or Ian" who do you think it would be?
  • Dan: Ian.
  • Shane: Yeah, Ian.
  • Danielle: But this is AMERICA voting.
  • Dan: It would still be Ian. Whenever he can, he ties in science into his DRs.
  • Danielle: What do you think a question would be that would be more likely to favor me?!
  • Dan and Shane: [long pause of silence]